Central Guiding Principles We Minister By
Preaching the Everlasting Gospel; Ministry of Healing; True Education; and Restorative Benevolence

Christian Growth

Worship Services

Geared toward worshiping an intelligent God and to edify intelligent worshipers through the spoken word, song, prayer, and offering.

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On wide ranging topics including doctrines, natural health, lifestyle choices, end times events, family life, and daily living.

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In person or over the phone counseling and mentoring on various life challenges; marriage, morality, natural health, career, finances, etc.

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We function as a close-nit family to receive and give each other spiritual, social, mental, and emotional support within and outside of worship.

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How to live a satisfying fulfilled life?

The well-being of the sheep is important to the shepherd. The sheep that has ample supple of food, water, protection, and other care is a sheep that will thrive and do well. A well cared for sheep that does not lack good care will not wonder seeking to fulfill their lack. Those who submit to the Great Shepherd of the flock and who are pastored by...
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The work of the pastor when neglected is seen in the churches

If there is no pastor or the hired pastor is not doing his job you will see it in the life of the individual members, false doctrines, blown by, etc. If the spiritual state of your church or yourself is in a...

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Ephesians chapter four explains the necessity of the work of a true pastor

In Ephesians chapter four we find the description of ministering gifts the Holy Spirit gave to the church. These gifts are to be manifested in the church especially as we get closer to the second coming. All these gifts are given for the same reasons and are important to the saints. These reasons as stated below, are for the perfecting of the saints, the work of...
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The current failure of pastoral care will be remedied before second coming

We are now witnessing a general departure from pastoral care and the scattering of the righteous. In the coming revival and reforming this problem will be one of the first that will be solved by God. My experience as a lay person was that almost all the pastors I was pastored by were trained to drive the righteous out of the church. Anyone who desired to...

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Priest’s lips should keep knowledge to be imparted to others

“The people should counsel with him, as God's appointed messenger. They should not only hear, but they should ask questions, that they may have a clear knowledge of truth. He is not to withhold his knowledge from the people, but he is to keep it as a sacred trust, to be imparted to others. The priest must keep knowledge, not only in...
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A minister who excuse sin and lower the requirements of the Law is a false shepherd

In Malachi we find a clear outline of the work of a shepherd. A pastor should have God’s covenant of life and peace with him and it is to be displayed in his ministry. The “fear of the Lord” should be evident in his reverence for God and the things of God, and take special note that the pastor is not a reverend, and cannot be given any such...

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God will have local churches with true pastors He has raised up in our day

As many saints look at the state of the church and especially the clergy class, many come to the conclusion that the Lord will not have pastors over His church at the end of time, and that there will be an “every man for himself” scenario playing out. But the Bible paints a different picture, more in line with...

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Independent Church revival emphasis Q4 2018 theme

For the last quarter of 2018 as we are now approaching the end of the year, the revival emphasis theme is Independent Church. As you have probably heard stated, Covenant Advent Church identifies itself as an independent Seventh Day Adventist church. We have no management affiliation or any other type of affiliation to...

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Creator God calls all men into judgment creationist and evolutionist

Often by repetition and added information, a point is made clear. So it is with the call for men and women living in the last days to recognize that God is the creator of the universe. In the three angels messages found in the...
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Mentorship program was the original model for Moses and Joshua

Author: Lloyd Grubb
Moses after leaving Egypt the first time was guided to the priest of median, Jethro, and by Jethro’s training and mentorship and through shepherding sheep, Moses learned how to shepherd God’s people. Before the...

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We operate as an independent Seventh Day Adventist church in order to develop the historic Adventist church model.

Our leadership model is the servant leader model based upon the gospel order found in the New Testament.

Our aim is to excel in the care, teaching, and leading of our members via pastoral care.

Mission Aim: Preparing you for Life and Eternity.

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Open: Saturday from 10:00 a.m. - Sunset

Address: 72 E Main St, Sussex, NJ 07461

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"I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the LORD." Psalms 122:1

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