Daily Devotional

Love is a powerful motivator

Whatever have our deepest affections, is what we will spend our time on. When we love something, we spend much time, money, and attention on. We make…

Daily Devotional

Walking in love, truth and the Commandments

Our Christian walk with the Lord is not very easy to explain because it cannot be distilled down to a simple phrase. Self-deception and deceivers have…

Daily Devotional

God blesses us because of His love for us

All that God does for us by sending His son to pay the ultimate sacrifice, having us honor His law so we can be law abiding citizens of His…

Daily Devotional

The hope of walking with God in heaven

Our walk with God in this present life is a sampling of our walk with God in the regeneration. Each day we get a very small taste of what life will…

Daily Devotional

Life is better walking with the Lord

Through all life’s troubles and its ups and downs we are still thankful for the darkness that God has deliver us from. In business health analysis it is…

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