Daily Devotional

Breaking the law of God causes oppression

In all societies around the world many are fearful of oppression which translates into loss of freedom and suffering. While this is going on, others are…

Daily Devotional

The new covenant believer keeps the Commandments

As in the Old Testament era so it is in the New Testament era, a heart religion is needed in order to walk with the Lord. We find in our text for today that a…

Daily Devotional

Circumcise the foreskin of your heart

This month our theme is “walking with the Lord”. God is the great law giver and those who walk with Him will honor His laws. As we read the Bible it is…

Daily Devotional

New wine into new wine skin

When starting out a new lifestyle change it is important to consider making a major transformation instead of minor changes. Consider well the broad…

Daily Devotional

Fearfully and wonderfully made

The tasks the mind and body can execute given time, training, and motivation are amazing. Often, when starting out on a goal, we underestimate the…

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