Daily Devotional

Better life experience by achieving goals

One of the greatest goals to accomplish is to have a better life experience here & now.  By accomplishing goals, you will enhance your life experience. You will not…

Daily Devotional

Being last or a late bloomer has its advantages

Trying to change a bad habit or taking on something new when we are older comes with a level of difficulty because we are “late out the starting gate”. The older…

Daily Devotional

Not all will celebrate your successes

It is always important to be thankful for victories as you journey on the road to greater success. The victories that you gain as you are developing will often irritate those…

Daily Devotional

Success to the end because our Rock Christ Jesus

There are challenges we face that are greater than we can overcome in our own strength, but through the God we serve we are able to have success over these challenges. The God we…

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