Daily Devotional

Rightly acknowledging and discerning what we see

The story of the Blind man receiving sight and the Pharisees not being able to see the meaning of him receiving his sight illustrates how spiritual blindness can affect

Daily Devotional

Seeing afar off through experiential knowledge

There are many decisions, especially moral decisions, that to a large degree has to do with seeing down the road and having an idea of what lies ahead. Hence the whole Bible narrative has to…

Daily Devotional

Speaking faith and life to the hearer

The Bible speaks life into the believer, non-believer, and the wayward. The Bible authors often in their inspired communication, simultaneously instruct, warn, motivate…

Daily Devotional

Overcoming inherited and cultivated tendencies to sin

When dealing with the sinful nature of humanity with its inherited and cultivated tendencies to sin, it is only the gospel of Jesus that offers a solution to give us victory over our fallen nature.

Daily Devotional

To be God’s peculiar treasure

The word peculiar can also mean belonging exclusively to, uncommon, and distinctive; it all depends on the context in which the word is used, the word peculiar can be a very positive thing.

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