About Us

Covenant Advent Church endeavor to exemplify the four components of Christ’s ministry, which are: preaching the Everlasting Gospel; Ministry of Healing; True Education; and Restorative Benevolence.

Our story began in 2009 when we decided to start doing home church. The Otero family opened up their home to us and we started worshiping together in a more relaxed family atmosphere. The time together away from a corporate church type setting gave us opportunity to reflect and study about what a true church family should be about. After one year and nine months doing home church we moved to renting the Wantage Grange for Sabbath worship and Sunday health programs. The time there (two years and three months) solidified us as a church family spiritually, structurally and socially. We are currently at our new location in the Sussex Plaza where we are developing and focusing on sharing our unique message and experience to others.   

Covenant Advent Church is located in Sussex County New Jersey. We are an (independent) Seventh Day Adventist church based upon our shared faith (doctrines and history) with the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Covenant operates independently in order to develop a historic Adventist church system that includes natural health, education, benevolent ministry, and church planting.

Covenant Advent Church has a leadership model based upon “Gospel Order” found in the New Testament. Our church services are lead out by our two elders Lloyd Grubb and Jose Otero; Lloyd Grubb serves as our pastor.

Recurring themes, focus and conversations at Covenant: natural health, second coming of Jesus, Gospel, character and social development, creation, social equality, and family life.

Our church is serious about pastoral care of its members. Our aim is to be a church that excels in the care, teaching and leading of our members. We care about your needs and we are extending our services to you.

Services provided:

Natural Health Consultation

Christian Life Coaching

Marriage Counseling

Bible Study

Worship services


Food Assistance

Prayer Request



Covenant Advent Church
70-72 East Main St
Sussex, NJ 07461 (Sussex Plaza)

Phone: 973-997-6855

Mailing Address:
Covenant Advent Church
72 East Main St.
Sussex, NJ 07461

Saturday services:

Sabbath school – 9:30 a.m. 

Midday service – 11:20 a.m.

Vegan fellowship lunch – 1:30 p.m.

Weekly afternoon Bible study or AY

Weekly Prayer Meeting Wednesday – 7:30 pm

Affiliate Ministry, Revive Reform:

Streaming 24/7 internet radio with music, seminars, live talk and much more. 

Can be heard here: Revive Reform Radio