Program Guide

We are inviting you to visit us for one of our programs:

Sabbath School: Bible study Sabbath morning, with SDA Quarterly study guide, lead out by a Bible teacher with group discussion format

Worship Midday Service: This is our main worship service which starts shortly before 11:30 am. Its main features are sermon, song service, prayer, offering, etc. It is always followed by a vegan lunch.

Bible Study: Is a thematic, or verse by verse study of the Bible, which take place in the afternoon on Sabbath. It is accompanied by singing and prayer, and takes on a group discussion format, when it is not a seminar. Bible studies take place three time a month, and can be one to two sessions depending on the time of the year.

Prayer and Social Meeting: It is our aim to have a most interesting gathering for those seeking the bread of life. We start out every Wednesday evening meeting at 7:30 pm with singing, then a short message, then some short spirited testimonies, then individual group prayers and then close with some more singing. (postponed)

Monthly Youth program: Once a month we have a youth, young adult type program, which has various component like health nugget, Bible game, quiz, discussion, singing, etc. and end with devotional thought.

Communion Service: Our church celebrates quarterly communion service. We partake of an open communion, which allow all believer in our Savior Jesus Christ to partake of the communion table and foot washing service.

Natural Remedies and Vegan Cooking Class: We have a monthly health class which is announced to and attended by the community. We share natural remedies and vegan recipes that is healing to a disease. All recipes and remedies are displayed and/or cooked live.

Quarterly Revival Emphasis: Every quarter we have a revival theme covering various topics.

Convocation: We plan a yearly holy convocation and/or camping for four day, in which we have seminars, sermons, cooking class, natural remedies class, etc.

Guest Speakers: Covenant invites guest speakers from other churches and ministry to share the Gospel to us and about there ministry endeavors.

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Live Stream Schedule:

Watch live our weekly worship services

closing song

Saturday: 12/11/21

Preacher: Lloyd Grubb


10:10 am Sabbath School: Deuteronomy in the Later Writings

11:50 pm Divine Service topic: How About Mass Murderers Killers of Innocent People


3:30 pm Bible Study: Faith is a Deposit and Confirmation

Upcoming Dates:

Revival Theme for 2021

Love to God and Love to Our Fellow Men

Theme 2021